I do love working.  I do it all the time.  The problem with that is that I do need some time to not work.  I try and balance my life with everything. Work takes up the vast majority though.  The problem is my schedule.  I don't have one.  While I have a routine, it ain't really routine.  And things get busy, and things come up. 

I've been pushing hard to finish off a couple of projects. In the meantime, I have about another dozen that are sooooo close to being done.  But my performance schedule is heavy right now.  I'm making rehearsals if I don't have a show.  And I just had family in town.  Late nights and any non-show time was spent with family.  Sunday was a night out with friends to watch the Spurs.  Monday was a night out for a little social/biz connection.  Tues was rehearsal, Wed was a gig, Thurs was a rehearsal north of Austin - got home at 1am chatted with family in 3am, Friday was around town with the family followed by a night with two 3 hour gigs back-to-back - then went and partied with friends until 3am, Sat was up early - cancelled the early gig for weather then around town with the family - a restaurant gig night and then a couple hours chatting and on the computer.  Sun was down to the riverwalk, airport drop-off and off to watch the Spurs game at a friend's place.  In bed before 11pm.  That's in my own bed and not on the couch like I've been for the past couple nights. 

So today I'm up early, I feel pretty rested but I'm tired.  Worn out.  Normally Mondays are my pseudo-weekend.  But there's just no time for it.  Even today.  Did some stuff that needed to be done, dinked around for a bit and now my brain is going crazy from all the things screaming to be attended to.  My body is saying, dude...chill out.

As a compromise - I blog.  Helps the brain, helps a couple of other biz things, makes me feel like I did a little something and still tried to relax and not work for at least a little while. 

But I love it.  I love it all.  Life is pretty good right now.  My marriage is rock star awesome, my wife is rock star awesome.  I love my little home and love working hard on it to make it beautiful.  My family is great.  My friends are great. I have never felt so loved in my life.  I love my bands. I feel musically fulfilled.  I find them enjoyable, challenging, and fun.  I like my bandmates a lot. And my bands are busy. Things are rolling with the label - it's slow and ponderous, but it's movement.  The LoopFests have taken on their own life.  That whole thing is a trip.  My own show is getting better.  I feel like it's changed a lot since the last round and it's time to move into the next direction, but I don't know what that is going to be.  It's kind of a weird space to be into. Other things, opportunities are springing up.   Oy....now I'm thinking about all the stuff to get done again.  I need another me to take a vacation for me. 

This week is gonna be intense. Extra rehearsals, big festival gig for La Chichada, couple of big domestic life projects to complete, gotta figure out the video switcher, bookings, event promotions, new tunes to learn, got another guest coming next week for a week to finish off one record and record a new one, and on and on...I gotta go.