oy..... I think I did a really fantastic job of suppressing my mania until August.  Now that August is here... omg!   My head is exploding.    There's so much to do.  Right now, I'm on schedule and as of tomorrow I'll be ahead of the game.  I've got one sponsor on board and going after others pretty hard core tomorrow.  I've got all the fests booked, including a recent addition in Colorado Springs...dang - that's an unexpected development. 

Once again the line-ups are awesome and once again utterly taking me by surprise.  Southern California is going to be on fire awesome.  The line-up is amazing. The Texas fests have new and heavy talent unknown in the looping community.  The NW is going to debut new technologies - debuting NEW TECH - something like that never even occurred to me.  We are now scientifically relevant.  The Rocky Mountain LoopFest exploded into two nights, two cites in the blink of an eye.  Web traffic is up, video views are creeping up and dipping,

I'm making some major headway for myself and (hopefully) for the loopfests, but that all remains to be seen - suffice to say there's a new looping zine in the works and I'm going to be a part of it.  I really hope it lasts.

My bands in San Antonio are doing all right.  La Chichada is kicking ass, West Kings Highway is solid and making baby steps.  My zydeco band in Austin is on very shaky ground.  I don't think it's going to last.  And I'm worried about the band leader, life has been giving him a beating.  I'm still there for him though. 

The Roots project is on fire, in a good way.  Had a smashing success with our last event and one more big event on the books to go. 

I got invited to play in Singapore, I'm doing a music biz workshop in Denver, my wife needs me to do more work on the house....

Gotta get to it.... not much sleep these days.  Gonna be a CRAZY fall.