So.... I'm at my gig at Bending Branch Winery last weekend.  I'm doing my thing, having a good ole time, but there's a lot wind.  It's an outdoor gig (it's Texas, LOTS of outdoor gigs).   And I put up the folder and the music as it's just too much to deal with.   My wife says, it's a pretty big change when you put the music stand away.  (I have yet to clarify if that's a good of bad thing.)    And then, at my airport gig on Monday, there's no mic stand.  This means I have no place to mount my tray for my hand percussion and no place to hold the mic for announcements,  beat boxing, vocal effects, and singing.    So I did a different show....

I've been thinking about how to change things up with the show for a while, so I wasn't "unprepared" for this.  Suffice to say things went well. 

I set up my gear and have been jamming the past two days exploring some grooves and transitions.  I'm liking it quite a bit.  I even busted out my newly purchased AKAI EWI5000.  I'm liking that even more.  That thing takes a minute to get a handle on and I still don't have it "down."  But I'm really digging the electro-jams and I'm even trying out my effects pedals on it - that's hit and miss.  

I do want to alter the signal chain, but that's going to involve some MIDI clock sync, which isn't the hardest thing in the world, but I'm loathe to get into it.  I currently have a very convenient and effective solution, but I don't think that's going to hold up.  Oh well..I'll figure it out.    In the meantime.... back to jams.