Wow...what a month.  Crazy busy.  Got a ton of new video up, projects are rolling along, time is slipping away, trying to book gigs, tours, promote records, videos, put on concerts, loopfests... yowza!

All kinds of good things happening though.  Heading to Ohio in a couple of days, really feeling the pinch of booking right now.  Spring is here and that means there's a bunch of house repairs and yard work to do.  Got my sax fixed, in the middle of getting a crown on my tooth - that's no fun.  :(  Working with my artists pretty heavy of late and need to get back to me!  All kinds of things I want to blab about, but I want to wait for official confirmation before I say anything.  So much to be excited about, so much to be nervous about, so much to head is spinning.  Time for a little break and back to it!!