Hear we go again.

It's 1:12am and I'm finally blogging again.  Who reads? Who cares? Just texted about getting started tomorrow at 8:30am.  I should be in bed.

Weekend was great.  Gig Thurs, 2 gigs Fri, 2 gigs sat, gig Sunday, gig Monday.  Had some studio time, had some social time, had some Bucho time, had some home fix-it time, had some wife time.  Life has been sweet of late.  The summer was spent in a desperate grind of tour booking, festival planning, song-writing, nurturing relationships, making the most of out what was there and seeing what had taken root after 2 years in Texas.  And like all things in Texas, when the rain comes, if it lasted through the summer.  It blooms.  I do love Texas.  Most especially San Antonio.  I can't tell you why.  I just do. 

I'm going to miss my little Bucho.  Little fuzzy booger is practically clawing through my leg right now. Sometime it is hard to believe how much I care for this cat. 

I feel like I'm emotionally in a very different place than last year.  Things usually get pretty stressful during the summer for the loopfests as schedules being to collide and details get worked out, and then changed, and then tweaked and then...it's all very up and down.  Last year, I was pretty tight lipped. I was ready to go and had spent all summer at Six Flags. I was physically and mentally ready to go.  This year I'm still fit.  I didn't do the Six Flags gig again, but I did manage to keep things going musically.  New material.  More maturity. A lot more repetitions through the shows.  Better focus.  This should be a very good tour.

Still got 6 days before I go.  Got a ton of prep to do.  Greatly looking forward to this grand adventure.  Many people to see.