Today was one of those days...for the past seven weeks I've been tore up.  Let me tell you why.  For starters, this is all LoopFest stuff.  I run a few in several cities.  They are a tremendous amount of work.  The joy of doing them and watching them literally makes my heart strong and my spirit fierce.  They power me like Jesus powers me.  I'm not one of those guys that likes to be "public" about my faith.  But I'm also not a pussy and I don't take kindly to being crapped on about it either.  Fair warning has been given.  What I find humbling about it is when good things happen.  I thank God for it. I thank God for the people I met that got me there. I thank God for putting me in the places I needed to be.  Today was a humbling day.  The San Antonio LoopFest was picked up by Luminaria.  This means I get to pay performers.  I can give some travel support.  I have an entire organization that has infrastructure, advertising, promotion and tech support that is now sponsoring this Festival.  I have loopers coming in from the region, from out-of-state and from other countries.  It's going to be amazing.  And I say God is good.  All the time.  Even when I put this event on with no support and the bands came and played I said God is good. All the time. 

Now it's outside sponsorship time for ALL the loopfests.  It's a beautiful time for me right now.  I've never been more at the top of my game.  My life is good, my wife is good, and I know it's not all me.  It's a host of people I've met, friends of friends, other players, fans, music and culture lovers, my family, my friends (My A-One SUPERFANS!!!) civic organizations, festivals, businesses... the first rule of the music biz.  There's no such thing as a self-made man.  Think about it.  Superstars are superstars because of the millions of people that support them.    I'm so grateful for all of you who have given to me.  You buy my records, you come to my shows, you play my gigs, you play on my recordings, you support my efforts, you contribute to my causes, you support the artists on my shows and my label, you watch my videos, read my posts let me crash at your pads and care about what I am doing.  I am nothing without you. And without God's blessing none of this bears fruit.  Thank you.  Today is a great day. And it's a great day because you think what I'm doing matters.  Awesome.