Wow.... what a year so far. 

Been trying to R&R since Fiesta got over at the end of the month.  Of course, when you help run a huge event, it doesn't go away over night.  We're still doing clean-up, but my day job is back to the part-time status.  West Kings Highway is over.  Last gig is done.  Hit some changes in the personal life as well.

While I've been very eager for these things to happen, I'm also weary.  I don't mean tired or worn out like I need some sleep or a few days off.  Physically I'm rested up, my body feels good. I've got plenty of sleep.  I'm weary in my heart and my mind.   I've been filling up some of time with catch-up busy work.  All the little things that needed to get done.  Small projects, organizing. And focusing on getting rest.  I've been doing some long-put off house work and yard work.  Still have plenty of that to do.  I am feeling better, but still lacking spirit.  I think this is normal.  

This particular revolution with The Fair was hard on me and the rest of the staff.  But the mood has lightened and we're keeping positive over there.  It was a successful event and we did a great job.  But it had it's particular challenges and frustrations this year.  And day of was a beautiful thing.  I've never had so much time to walk and watch, so few problems, and had such an enjoyable day.  Fast set-up and clean-up as well.  We're getting this thing down. Lots of room for improvement though.  

Musically, I'm about to start a new chapter.  It was exciting at first, but now I'm not quite ready to get it going.  I still need some time.   I purchased some new gear, got some things ready to go.  I've been developing a new thing with the Solo Sax Sessions and I'm liking where it's going, but it still needs a lot of work.  I've got some tech that's sitting around, neglected, but I'm not ready to jump on that yet either.  All soon enough.  

Mostly, I just want to not get wrapped up in anything for a bit and hang out with my wife.  There's some opportunities coming up that could keep me very busy.  So I'm trying to take the time to chill and get ready for it now.  I'm still doing the busy work and some label stuff.  Gotta keep on top of that. Still need to do a little gear playing around as well.  

West Kings - - that was a great run.  And a great last show.  I'm sorry to see it go, but it was time.  It'll be weird to not have gigs every Friday, but I'm sure that'll fill up soon enough and I'll make sure and get some fun stuff in with the wife.  

All in all, things have been an emotional drain for quite some time.  And lots of changes now.   We've hit the next stage in our lives and a bunch of goals have been accomplished in the past few months.  But things have been on hold due to my schedule and now things have really opened up for me.   I guess need to draw up the next set of battle plans and get to it.  But first a little more R&R, and I need to do some office work so my "flow" is functional.  I'm at a stop for a minute due to a lack of folders.  I'll pick those up today and get about some busy work.  Once I get that off my mind, the papers off my desk, and my inbox empty; it'll be time.  Until then, I'm in no rush. I'm getting plenty of sleep, easing off on the booze, keeping up on the workouts, yard work, and trying to keep my mouth shut.  

A new era beings for me at Sanchos on Friday.  I better bring it.  Can't be dicking around with that gear anymore.  

Maybe I'm ready to jump back in it after all...