Wow....the time is flying by.  It's about 4 hours before the opening night of the NW LoopFest.  I'm pretty stoked.  The line-ups are ferocious this year.  The challenges have been huge!  Had to move cities for one fest. Lost a major sponsor for another.  Had an unusually large amount of cancellations over the summer. And one of my artists was refused entry at customs and sent back to France.  Wow.  But I responded!    Got the fest successfully relocated, picked up Blue Moon Beer to Sponsor the San Antonio LoopFest!  Yay Blue Moon Beer!!!! Got some GREAT acts to replace those that couldn't make the fests and am doing what I can to get our Frenchie back in for at least SOME of the fests.  Craaaaazy... and that's so the tip of the iceberg.

but to catch you up...

Twin Falls at the Anchor Bistro was awesome.  Wowed the pants off of some folks, although I had to cut the last hour off due to rain (outdoor gig).  Still, great gig and an early bedtime! Headed out to Boise for a couple of days of evening show and some R&R.   Ended up doing some mobile recording all day Sunday for Ziggy Moonshine, sent the files back to Houston when I got done.  Country sax baby.  Had a fun Sunday night at Tom Grainey's and of to Portland the next day.  Did some domestic duties and promo for the fests for the next day or saw.  Got wicked funky at the Hump Day Jam in Salem with Nathan Olsen, John Pounds and Larry London.  Guitar great Garry Meziere show up to get down with me, which was awesome, and Jesse Ruggles from Phamous Phaces got some music ya-yas at the end as well.   Too fun.  After that was a late night drive to Bend ending at about 3am.  Up about 7/8 for an all day shift online at the local coffeeshop and a round of disc golf in the evening to try and stay fit.  Great little course too.  Did a show that night amongst the local tweaker population, one of whom asked "what are you doing in a shithole like this?"  From there I hopped in the van and drove all night to Kennewick for a 4:45 am load-in at KVEW for some TV spots to promote my gig that night.  After that, it was off to 88.1FM for a radio spot that turned into 2 class lectures/loop demos and a lunch out.  Then it was a driving to Pendleton for an outdoor 4-7pm, back in the car to Richland for a 9pm-1am loop station set and jam with the funky Wabi Sabi band of Dara Quinn, Justin Chapman and Kendrick.  Good times. Passed out in my van somewhere in the 3am hour.  Up almost 2 days....awesome.

Then back to Portland for an early show.  The previous night, blues/soul/gospel (local legend) Linda Hornbuckle died the night before.  I popped in the club where she was supposed to be performing and a tribute was going on. Saw a couple friends and made my way home.  Got seriously jamming at the Portland Marathon on Sunday, super funky, super loud.  It was awesome.  Next day was domestic stuff and online then a dinner with Jim Templeton (Cosmic Dust) former jazz club owner.  Good times with an old friend and music mate.  Next day was online and off to the coast to hang with friends.  Was offline for all of that.  I come back into the tech world and daaaaamn: Nelly has been refused entry into the U.S., other foreign artists are freaking out, some have already arrived in Seattle, many things to's getting tense.  Got huge developments for the SoCal fests with high profile artists - Got SuperTall Paul Newman (BOSS 2013 US Loop Champion) among a couple others.  Very happy about that.   Getting graphics coordinated with the San Antonio fest, trying to get all going and promoted.  Pretty crazy. Made it into Seattle with my sister last night and going like the energizer bunny since.  It all begins soon. 

A year of work and now I sit back and watch, film, broadcast and enjoy the unveiling of it all.  Awesome.