Okay... so the BVA Vol 8: my "Mojo Rising" tour is in full swing.  Things started off kind of funny.  As I'm leaving San Antonio I get a handful of phone calls from bands wanting me to join them or audition.  That's always a good feeling.  Plus the bands that I work with got a bunch of work, of course while I'm on tour...but whatever.  So it goes.

Had a long but easy drive to Amarillo.  Slept great at a truck stop, got in for the show a little early, rocked out the seniors and hopped in the Van to head for Denver.   Got in early and reunited with my old friend Marcus.  He and I went to school together and lived across the street from one another in Billings, MT.  Suffice to say we go back.  Waaaaay back.  Anyway, an excellent time was had by all.  Hanging out with his crew, did some motorcycle riding, eating, all that good stuff.  Even spent a little time online trying to not get too far behind on things.  It is a crazy year after all.  Denver was a little wacky this year, two gigs ended up falling through last minute.  No biggie really.  The big shows stuck and went very well.  After a week there, it was time to hit the road and play the Black Nugget in Carbondale.  First time there, that was a hoot.  Mountain people are fun people.  Hit the road after that to crash in Moab.  Got up a little early to spend some time in Canyonlands National Park.  Need to hike it.  Cool stuff for sure.  First time there, I usually go to Arches.  Came back to town and got caught up on my 175 emails...  mostly ready for the loopfests, got a couple of things to finish off yet. 

Should have a fine little gig tonight in Moab and then heading north to SLC.  Trip has been a lot of fun so far.  Not getting in the online time I need nor any disc golf, but we'll see what the future brings.  Dropped a couple of pounds, trying to eat healthy and get lots of sleep.   I feel very rested so far.  Good start to a long trip.