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New News:

River Barons are pluggin along nicely.  Our arrangements of classic rocks hits are fun and loud. We are getting down THIS Friday at Dorcal Distillery starting at 11pm.  C'mon on out for some rockin' music!

My residency in San Antonio - Wednesday Night Looper's Delight, 10pm-2am at the J&O Cantina, 1014 S. Presa. It's picking up there nicely.  Getting a fun crowd our for music and cocktails.  Two of my favorite things! And we're broadcasting live at: https://www.concertwindow.com/shows/8070-noah-peterson-solo-sax-sessions

Gearing up for the BIG, BIG, BIG Fall tours.  Going through Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  Got a spot for me to play at?  Want to host a house concert? Shoot me an email and let's talk!


New Music:  Peterson Entertainment, llc is very excited about bringing Phillip Luna to our catalog of recorded works.  Phillip is a wonderful musician, human being, artist, family man and friend.  And his stuff ROCKS!!!!  And when we talk about Phil Luna, we have to talk about videos - Phil's newest project, The Please Help had a great Heat of the Summer tour.  One of the projects I've been helping Phil with is Roots in the Shadows of San Antonio.  "Roots" is a compilation CD of 13 bands that have been rocking central Texas stage for over 20 years.  Click the link to download your FREE copy.  Great bands on there and we're working on "Roots II"

O.M.N.I is continuing with our mission of making online ear-candy.  The album is still under production, but we did put out a new video this week "At the Military Bass" - check it out here!

Last month we accounced that we signed Garrett T. Capps to a one record development deal. Demos are raging along.  This is powerful, in your face rock and roll.  We're pretty excited for what we're getting here.

The guestbook page on the site is up and running - leave a comment!

 Calendar:  Grab yer techy-doohicky's and make some notes - here's the shows!

Wednesday, August 6, 10pm
Solo Sax Sessions @ J & O
1014 S Presa, San Antonio, TX 78210

Friday, August 8, 11pm
River Barons a Dorcal Distillery
2001 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX 78210

Wednesday, August 13, 10pm
Solo Sax Sessions @ J & O
1014 S Presa, San Antonio, TX 78210

Saturday, August 16, 8pm
La Chichada plays a benefit for Eduardo Garza @ Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
600 Hemisphere PlazaWay, San Antonio, TX 78205

Saturday, August 16, 11:45pm
Solo Sax Sessions @ The Raven Hookah Lounge
1255 SW Loop 410 #133, San Antonio, TX

Wednesday, August 20, 10pm
Solo Sax Sessions @ J & O
1014 S Presa, San Antonio, TX 78210

Friday, August 22, 10:30am
Solo Sax Sessions @ Morning Side Ministries
1050 Grand Blvd, Boerne, TX 78006

Wednesday, August 27, 10pm
Solo Sax Sessions @ J & O
1014 S Presa, San Antonio, TX 78210

Sunday, August 31, 9am
Solo Sax Sessions @ Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market
255 E. Basse Road, San Antonio, TX 78209

Wednesday, September 3, 10pm
Solo Sax Sessions @ J & O
1014 S Presa, San Antonio, TX 78210
Friday, September 5, 5pm
Solo Sax Sessions @ Eva's Escape
307 Beauregard Street, San Antonio, TX 78204

Saturday, September 6, 9am
Solo Sax Sessions @ The Farmers Market at the Cibolo
33 Herff Road, Boerne, TX 78006

Saturday, September 6, 2pm
Solo Sax Sessions @ Kerrville Hills Winery
3600 Fredericksburg Road, Kerrville, TX