Soo... I've been a bit out of the loop for a couple of weeks.   Had some repairs to do to the home office so I wasn't really in "go" mode.  Which was fine.  Got some husband/wife time in while we took our time doing the sheet rock, texturing, painting, etc...  It was nice.  Went out, hung out, and I had plenty of other things to keep my busy.  Although I didn't anticipate it taking so long.  

By the time the final week of it was rolling around, I was getting pretty testy about not being able to "work" like I needed to. I gotta make music, I got videos to process, things to promote, I didn't have my monitors set up, recording was not an option.   Finally was going to put thing back together over the weekend, but I picked up some noro-virus and spent the weekend on the couch and dealing with the fun parts of that.   Anyway... finally got it all back together, cleaned and boy oh boy am I hot to get stuff done.  

I'm knocking out videos and am processing the last of the Texas LoopFest videos right now, put out a digital album and single, catching up on stuff, threw away some clutter, getting on top of biz... it's pretty awesome.  I haven't felt this driven in quite some time.  It's the old me.  Looks like my self-imposed vacation is finally over and I'm ready to tear things up again.  And the office is in better shape with less crap in it than ever.  So I'm pretty stoked about things.  

Still managing to cram in getting out and about and other things, so it's working out.  

I put up a new video for an extended GrooveTronX jam:  The video itself lacks a bunch, but it's a 23 minute jam that's pretty fierce so I'm not particular about the video content.  It's literally fire.  

Anyway... I'm back.  Full speed ahead.  New directions for my jazz groups, new direction for GrooveTronX and all kinds of fun toys I can't WAIT to start playing with.