Woweee... what a crazy couple of weeks.

Been spending extra rehearsals getting La Chichada ready for recording.  Which we've been doing.  Should finish up recording drums tonight!   And we played San Antonio's Maverick Festival and rocked it!  That was cool.

Every night was packed with rehearsals or shows.  My weekly  Wednesday night looper gig had guest artists every week and I streamed two of the nights online with some new tech that I'm still figuring out.

My buddy Zach (and O.M.N.I. partner) came into town for about two weeks.  We finished up the first project and laid 19 tracks down for the new one.  Zach also got a video done and started on a second one.  Did lots of tourist stuff too...missions, the Alamo, Riverwalk, bars, clubs, food, introducing him to my Texas friends.  And walking 1/2 mile in the pouring rain hauling gear for a Fiesta gig getting soaked from head to toe. 

I had two weekends of intense show schedules.  Lots of driving to Temple, Austin, Leander, and back to San Antonio...

Had my first Fiesta gigs for myself and with West Kings Highway and my first "triple" in Texas.  What's a triple?  3 gigs in one day.  Mine was extra special because it was also three different cities - the Louisiana Swamp Thing & Crawfish Festival in Austin, Crawfish Festival of New Braunfels, and La Tuna in San Antonio.

Somehow in there I managed to keep booking gigs, kept up with the yard although the thunderstorms were frequent and dumped a ton of rain, bug-bombed the house and gave my kitty a flea bath, and finished booking all of the loopfest venues!

I'm exhausted and tired and happy.  Going to take some of today off and recoup...