Home early on Easter Sunday.  I'm sipping some gin in water, listening to the newly mastered GrooveTronX recording "Jam Skate."  The wife is cleaning the house and has a turkey in the oven.  Weather is perfect.  Had a few moments and wanted to reflect on the 2019 Fiesta so far.

I feel like I prepared well for the physical challenges of it.  I've been having regular weekend events of increasing scale 2 to 3 times a month since January.   Been keeping up with the workouts (until this week) and watching the beer and sweets, which is tough this time of year.  Although the real schedule began on Thursday.  The "day job" normally balloons into full time or overtime by now.   I'm still keeping things 3/4 or less on the hours and I'm still running a bunch of non-fair things as well.  We'll see how this week turns out.  4 Shows, 3 media appearances, 2 Fiesta events, and Fair week.  Good times.

I'm really looking forward to the fair being over.  The association has eaten up a lot of my wife since last summer.  I'm itching to spend more time back with my music and my own biz.   I really wanted to dive into my tech, write some tunes, develop my shows more, practice, get my studio chops up, got a bunch of projects to polish off, and basically move things forward.

I felt like I've been treading water for a while.  It was the thing to do.  Had a bunch of personal things going on that were wrapping up.  And they finally did.  I feel like a chapter in the plan just closed and now it's time to move on to the next.  I'm pretty fired up about it.  I'm eager, discontent, and ready to push things.  I just need my time back.   It's been an interesting year for new developments and opportunities.  

I feel very lucky and blessed.   

That's on top of working my ass off.   And it's not to say it's all roses and rainbows.  It's not.  But's sheesh... the "problems" I have in my work.  Yeah.  It's kinda all roses and rainbows if you don't mind hard work and can deal effectively with problems.