Okay....so it's a few days after the fact. 

The festival was pretty awesome.  Attendance for Portland/Seattle was low.  We didn't get any of the press we got last year.  Somehow we slipped into "ignore mode" via the local press.  Nonetheless, the performances were strong, awesome, delicate, lovely, chaotic, frenzied, and very special.  Got most of it on video and am already posting the footage on youtube.  That's pretty cool. 

Cancellations were a contagious disease this year.  Not just for me either.  It was a very tough year for the NW.  Many challenges in keeping it going.  And I did drop the ball for David Kollar and Paolo Rainier, I didn't have some of the gear they needed for Portland.  I hate messing up! HATE IT!!!  But they did what they could and were champs about the whole thing. Really was a shame as they are an impressive duo.  Their set at Y2K last night was amazing!  I think the Portland group Waffle Taco would LOVE these guys.  Very similar things going on.

The Royal Room is a pretty sweet venue, although the location is off the beaten path quite a bit.  I think the J&M last year was actually a better location, but not with such a perfect layout for us.

The Analog was awesome, again.  This year was two stages, up and down.  That was awesome.  Music going non-stop all day and night.  It was very cool.  Had a nice early crowd and very little coming in later. 

Met some great people, some great new acts (to me) and some interested parties to help with next year.  That's always good. 

The Southern Oregon events went a wee bit sideways.  One of the venues cancelled about 18 hours prior...we split that group and added them to the others.  I was at the winery with Per Boysen, Lucid Brain Integrative Project and Jean-Paul De Roover.  We had an intimate, but awesome crowd that were wowed and well entertained by a pretty hot line-up of 4 artists.  The vineyard was beautiful, the wine was good and the weather cooperative.  Got some good video from that night as well. 

All things being equal - another year of awesomeness.  We streamed the concerts live, go a lot of video, added a third city, got everybody moved on down the road and I'm still alive.