2014 NW LoopFest Video  Footage Guide –


If you’re chomping at the bit and just want to get it all now, here’s the playlist.



More looping video goodness for all y’all to enjoy, study, and learn from.  There are literally over 100 performance videos to watch.


Additionally, there is a great, new feature this year: LoopFest Tech Talks – here’s a link to some of the performers talking about their gear.  It’s pretty fun, very informative, and sometimes funny.



A couple of notes:  I was unable to capture every performance on video.  However, I had arranged all of the performers so that I was able to get at least one full set on video and almost every act was streamed live. The Royal Room was an excellent venue and I took advantage of their offer to video and capture an audio feed.  It was disappointing to get the footage and see about dozen tunes cut off at the beginning due to the tech not pressing the record button.  Additionally, a couple of acts had their sets cut off early due to their camera need to dump footage.  Most regrettable was the entire last half of Consumer in Seattle.    There were a couple of selections I did not include as I had messed up the video and audio sync for Rejyna, Per Boysen, and myself – maybe 5 videos total and all three performers have plenty of video already so I just deleted them.  For the Portland fest I ran two stages with over lapping sets; one upstairs, one downstairs.  Everyone upstairs was not filmed although most were streamed on an additional feed thanks to Sami Majadla (aka thisissami).   The only exception of Clifford Kimbrel-Dunn who had a last minute cancellation at the Seattle location.  As I had planned to film him in Seattle, I had him scheduled to perform upstairs in Portland and none of his show was filmed or streamed.  I was only able to video myself, Jean-Paul De Roover, and Per Boysen in Southern Oregon. Lucid Brain Integrative Project had a very interesting show, but was so heavy on the conversation and interaction with the audience that it really didn’t suit the purpose of this video archive. 


All in all there were a ton of great acts, a whole bunch of new ones, and everybody was awesome.  Truly a loveable and team-oriented bunch.  Everybody was helpful, everybody gave it their all, new friendships were made, and new professional relationships were forged.  Audiences were smaller than hoped for, although at times the Seattle venue was approaching full and Portland was well attended early and faded slowly from there.  The two stage set-up worked awesome although many of the artists did not care for the over-lapping sets.  The Southern Oregon shows were at separate venues with small audiences; but we were grateful to have the shows and Ted Killian hosted everyone.  There was a little R&R and stories of Ted’s awesomeness and hospitality are being spread across the globe.


Two electronic acts worth checking out – thisissami and Daniel J. Davis

Please check out Eric Buchner and his collection of instruments – looped Jew’s harp, Chinese oboe, and more.

Richie Dagger’s Crime – he captivated me with his sweet voice and epic tunes.

David Kollar and Paolo Rainier – their Seattle videos are especially powerful.

Noise Agency – grab a couple of cocktails, put on the video and enjoy their mystical and frenetic noises while their shadows dance across their video backdrop. 


For you on FB – these videos are still being posted to various groups.


I've attempted to organize and archive the footage for ease of those who want to watch it. You can also go to www.nwloopfest.com and click on the names to get direct to their footage and you can see 2013 archived footage as well.  Please check them all out – there’s some fantastic stuff in here.


Mark Hamburg – Washington, USA   6 videos

Guitar – ambient loops



Jean-Paul De Roover – Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 10 videos

Guitar/Vocals – phrase loops, pop songs



Lucid Brain Integrative Project – Paris, France 4 Videos

Keys – ambient loops



Richie Dagger’s Crime – Seattle, Washington, USA 8 videos

Violin/Vocals – phrase loops, indie rock



Daniel J. Davis – Seattle, Washington, USA 4 videos

Keys – ambient loops, electronica



Cian – Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 7 videos

Bass/vocals – phrase loops, pop/folk



Mandoman – Osaka, Japan 2 videos

Mandolin – ambient, avant-garde



Mister Tim – Longmont, Colorado, USA 9 videos

Vocal – phrase looper, pop songs



Just Alliance – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 5 videos

Vocal –phrase looper, pop songs



Rejyna – Los Angeles, California, USA 3 videos

Guitar/vocal – phrase looper, rock



Per Boysen – Stockholm, Sweden 12 videos

Chapman stick – ambient looper, melodic songs



Ted Killian -  Medford, Oregon, USA 4 videos

Guitar – ambient loops



Eric Buchner – Portland, Oregon, USA 6 videos

Various instruments – ambient loops, world music



David Kollar and Paolo Raineri Presov, Slovia and Italy 3 videos

Guitar/Trumpet – ambient loops



Consumer – Portland, Oregon, USA 1 video

Keys – ambient loops, noise band



thisissami – Palestine 1 video

electronic –ambient loops, techno



Noah Peterson –San Antonio, Texas, USA 13 videos

Sax – phrase looper, songs various sub-genres.



Noise Agency – Portland, Oregon, USA I video

Various – ambient loops, noise band