Wow...hope y'all are doing well.  I am.  I do love "y'all" it's the most sensible word in my vocabulary since moving to Texas. 

So I'm sitting here -it's about 90 minutes to rehearsal, wife ain't home yet, I've got two videos exporting before I can upload, I've read all my email, listened to everything I needed to, updated calendars & pages, promoted, played a gig, talked to my parents, updated websites, had some phone calls...  my head is spinning from all the maybe's.  Of course, maybe never got anybody anywhere, but MAYBE... I'm cold, my hungry cat won't leave my leg with drawing blood.  Sounds like Thursday. 

I'm getting caught up on back catalog videos for recordings, but in the meantime...had to solve a tech mystery that interrupted loopfest video, had my 7th wedding anniversary, wrote a couple new jams...keeping on keeping on.