Can't really complain about this week...lots of gigs, plowing through video, not getting too far behind on biz, yard is kept up, house is clean.  Almost feels pretty good.  Been getting some local love from a few different things.  That's totally awesome.  Other bands are coming along really nicely.  It's Mardis Gras week and the zydeco band is really coming together.  I have such a good time playing that music.  Still got some things to work on, but pretty hot.  My regular Wednesday gig is plugging along.  Got a couple nice shows planned for March.  Trying to keep an eye to the future and preparing for it, but it's difficult. 

Still playing my youtube games to see what can be done with that.  It's pretty interesting to me - video and the social media world.  Remember when it used to be, "be careful what you put up on the internet, because once it's up, it's up for life."  Now it's a struggle to get found, let alone searched for, let alone not ostracized by the ever-evolving google algorithm. 

Making headway on the 2015 loopfests.    Lots to be done, but trying not to let it eat my time this year.  Too much other stuff too do.  It's all good, but there are some hiccups.   In some ways, I feel like I've moved to an island called irrelevance.  In others I'm kicking ass every day in every way.  I know a lot of people that I have genuine affection and respect for.  Yet sometimes I feel very alone.  My darling wife...she makes every day so much better.  Touring has such a fading appeal because of her. and my first world problems.    Life is good.  I work hard. All the time.  I work long.  I have fun.  I stick to it.  Every day I spend some time on my facebook Marine vets group.  Reading the whole of life's experiences washing by on that feed is intense.  Makes me feel lucky and blessed for my wife, my life, my family, my friends.  I was never one to give in.  Wasn't raised like that.  Wasn't trained like that.  Run the race, fight the fight, keep hope alive, never quit.  It's a party baby.