Oh how the days go rolling by...

Just had a pretty cool weekend.  An old friend from my hometown came to visit over the weekend - showed up with his girlfriend and left with his fiancee.  That was pretty.  We had a good time living the slow life in San Antonio, having some food, cocktails, music, and seeing the town.  Normally I'm up at his place in Denver.  Really was a sweet visit.  Next time I hope I'm not gigging so much and can take him around to some of my night-time haunts down here.

Speaking of gigs, it only took 2.5 years to get my calendar approaching normal again.  Sheesh...  waaay too long for that to happen.  But it's there now!  And I have my first free-lance studio call down here.  That's cool.  Hope that work picks up a lot more. 

Bands, bands, bands...pretty happy with my groups.  Ran into a hiccup with one of them though.  Not quite sure where I'm going to end up with it.  We'll see how it all ends up.  Suffice to say I didn't appreciate the comment that band members come and go.  It's true, but I think that attitude sucks when the band ain't paying the band members enough.  Not cool. And it's going to change how I do things.  Don't ask me to be a team player if you're not going to be one. 

Videos...This loopfest video project is approaching 4 months.  Thankfully I'm on the last fest, but I'm burnt out.  Fried. Wasted.  Toasted. Done.  Oy...  too much work.  Soon done.  Can't wait for that.  That will be a very, very happy day. 

Oh well... got to get back to it.  Lots to do today!