It's late at night and I've been wrapping up projects all night.  Videos, campaigns, personal stuff. The end of the year is coming and I still have one little tour left to go. 

It's been a pretty crazy year.  Lots of disappointments, lots of opportunities...lots of everything.  It's really hard to judge these things objectively because of the immediate needs of life.  It isn't easy. There isn't any thanks and the money sucks.  I still do it. I can't imagine doing anything else.  My goal for this year was producing content.  Hundreds of videos, a single, a new recording from me, two deals for other recordings, on going studio projects... Content was made this year.

But was and is a hard year.  The amount of time I dedicate to work is all of it.  I've gotten out of balance.  Part of that is just the duties of this time of year with my projects.  Part of it is an escape.  Part of it is enjoyment.  It doesn't matter.  I'm not unhappy with any of it. The seriousness of it all is not to be ill considered.  The fun of it all is not to extinguished.  I've got a pretty good skill set.  Team-mates are needed.  It's always about the personnel.