Had a rare night to myself.    My duties today were light and ended early so I got some computer work done and dinked around.

 I got to reflect on some of the work I've been doing and the folks I get to do it with.  San Antonio has been very good to me.  National Geographic called of the events I work for one of the top 7 Fall Festivals in the U.S.    And it's been consistently called one of the top 10 Muertos Festivals in the world by several press outlets.  I've been working it for 3 years.   It's a beautiful thing and a good team.  I enjoy the challenges, the physical demands, and I love watching it unfold.  That team does several events throughout the year.   I was able to hook up various people with other festivals, some that they've been trying to get into for so long they've given up trying.  And me, still a Johnnie-come-lately, got it done.  I love that.  It's a very cool thing.  

I really enjoy most of the folks I work with.  Even the ones I don't like are still smart and capable.  That makes me fortunate.  

It's a good.  Gonna be a crazy weekend and there's more coming.  #lovinglife